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Toddler Rooms

Welcome to Magic Pencils' Toddler Rooms. These rooms are licensed for 10 children each between the ages of 18 and 36 months. There is an E.C.E. and an Assistant in each room and the ratio is 5 children for every teacher.

The Toddler Program Plan is posted on the Parent's Information Board every two weeks. This outlines circle time, art, music & movement, sensory, fine motor and dramatic play activities, as well as our outdoor activities. We offer with our program, a fun and exciting learning environment, with activities based on learning basic skills.

During Circle Time, we gather all of the Toddlers and sit in the Book Centre. We start off by singing 'The Good Morning Song'. We also sing songs such as the ABC's and Itsby Bitsy Spider, so children can do the actions and learn the words of songs by repetition. The children use shakers to add to their fun. We are working on shapes, colours, numbers and the alphabet and matching games, to develop cognitive skills... We will learn all of the above by games, activities, puzzles and repetition. Every day during circle time, we sing the 12 months of the year, the 7 days of the week, and we ask one child to place that day's date on the calendar.

Art time is when the children experiment and show their creativity. Art is done one on one with the Toddlers. If we are going to be messy, we wear smocks and hands are washed after we are finished. We put the child's name and date on their art and hang it on our 'Look What We Created' board. If some of the children are having trouble, we will do hand over hand. We encourage all Toddlers to do art; however, they are never forced.

Music and Movement Activities is the time for gross motor activities, when we sing and dance while playing music and enjoying ourselves. Using musical instruments offers much enjoyment to the children. We also play lullaby music at sleep time to help the children relax.

Sensory Activities are age appropriate and is changed every week. The teacher sits with the Toddlers at the table and assists them in exploring what is in the sensory bin. We talk about the item, and we use our senses and observe.

Fine Motor Activities provide a time for children to be practicing everyday skills, like pincer grasp while picking up crayons. Other functions may include colouring, gluing, lacing, Lego, puppets, blocks, play dough, or puzzles. Fine motor is used throughout the entire day, including holding our spoons and cups at lunch and snack times.

The Dramatic Activity area is changed every week, according to our theme. The dolly centre, kitchen centre, dress up centre and work shop are rotated. Our aim is to encourage sharing and cooperation. We like to model and show Toddlers the actual way of using an object (e.g.: holding babies in arms and rocking back and forth, thus showing the proper way of handling babies).

Outdoor Activities are planned and posted on the information board in the classroom. We are playing special games every day, in our fenced playground, sandbox, play boards and enjoying outdoor toys. This is also a time outdoor for riding toys, cars, houses, boats, balls and push-pull toys. We learn to follow playground rules and play safe.

We encourage the children to share with their friends. Manners are encouraged throughout the entire day. If we do see our Toddlers doing something inappropriate, we go over to the individual and let them know what they did was improper and redirect them in a more suitable endeavour. If someone is being hit, we encourage them to use their words to dissuade the action, such as 'I don't like that', or 'No, thank you'. Sharing and cooperation is a primary goal for us to work on. We also promote the Toddler's use of their walking feet, as opposed to being carried.

Our Diapering Routine is scheduled 4 times a day (also when needed). Each child had his/her own basket which holds their diapers, wipes and creams (if required). Toddlers who are potty trained are placed on the potty when necessary. After diapering, both the children and the teacher have their hands washed with soap and water, followed by drying with a clean paper towel. Diaper changes or potty trips are recorded on the child's daily information sheet.

At Magic Pencils, we strive to provide nutritious snacks in the morning and afternoon, as well as a wholesome lunch, for those children with the ability to ingest regular table foods. At lunch time, the children are directed to their chair. At that time, hands and faces are washed. Every Toddler has his/her own cup, and washed and sanitized in between. Whatever the meal consists of, everything is put on the plate and the child is persuaded to try everything. They are allowed as much as they would like. Should your child have any special nutritional needs, we ask that you provide the necessary variations. We teach the children to say please and thank you during meal times. Once they are finished eating, their hand and faces are once again washed, and we sit as a group until everyone is done.

Our Teachers will send Daily Records home each day, which will indicate what your child did throughout the day, this to include what they eat and when, when they sleep and for how long, any medications taken, any diaper changes and finally, pertinent comments from the Teacher. This is also where you will find a reminder if your child's supplies are getting low.

By the time the Toddler moves on to the Preschool room, our goal is that they be able to recognize some of their colours and shapes, as well as their numbers from 1 - 5. Also we would like to have them toilet trained, and able to say their own name, as well as please and thank you, recognize the letters of the alphabet and even new words, and be able to dress themselves by helping to put on their boots/shoes, hats, or mitts.

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