About Us

Vision & Mission Statement

At Magic Pencils Learning Centre, we believe that each child is special, with individual likes, needs and skills. We are an integrated daycare. Through both structures and unstructured activities, our caring, professional teachers enhance the child's self esteem by encouraging the child to explore and manipulate their physical and cognitive development. Each room is designed to meet the needs of the group it embraces - be it for an infant or pre-teen. We are constantly adapting our program and its many extras to meet the ever-changing needs of the families we serve. Our friendly staff will gladly help you access resources in the community. At Magic Pencils Learning Centre, our door is always open, and visitors are always welcome.

Business History

Magic Pencils Learning Centre is a daycare that specializes in special needs children as well as children without disabilities. It became an incorporated business January 24, 2002. We took possession of our first business location April 3, 2002 and renovations began. We opened our doors for business July 29, 2002 and became a fully licensed daycare centre on August 13, 2002. We were awarded our subsidy contract with the Region of Durham February 3, 2003. Magic Pencils is a partnership, which blends the skills of two families into a strong management team. Emoke (Emy) Karasz is a teacher and an ECE who has worked with children both in and out of a daycare setting for 20+ years, and Barbara Waller is a registered nurse with 20 years experience with newborn and high risk children. The daycare is operating in the downtown sector of Oshawa. In March of 2005 the daycare was expropriated to make room for the new GM Centre. After moving to Mary Street School for 6 weeks and 5 more weeks at City Hall, the centre arrived at it current location at 11 Celina Street. The number of children we can care for has grown. The centre continues to be open from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm. This gives a wide variety of parent access to care that they would not normally have access to.