Welcome to Magic Pencils Learning Centre

Welcome to Magic Pencils Learning Centre, a place where our professional staff is committed to excellence by providing you and your child, with the best possible quality care. We hope the experiences will become treasured memories for you, the years to come.


At Magic Pencils Learning Center we believe every child is a special individual, requiring, quality care for healthy physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. This is accomplished by providing a secure learning environment, through positive reinforcement, encouraging children to explore their own ability, promote independence, and develop self-esteem.

Program Statement

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Goals & Objectives

1) Through daily activities we provide a positive, loving, safe and healthy environment.

2) We strive to have each child reach his/her potential: physically, socially, emotionally, and creatively.

3) To provide children with the opportunity to learn, play together and share with others.

4) To develop the child's problem solving skills.

5) Encourage language development by carrying on conversations related to the child's own interest.

6) To develop the child's independence and self-esteem.